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Buying my first car was confusing, I ended up buying my car here. I am happy with it and have recommended Street Trendz to some friends who got their cars here too, they are also happy and both got a good deal.

Great service and quality cars should definitely go check it out.

While leaving the pet store in Burnaby I couldn't get my car started. A young man came over and asked if he could help. They got my car started in 5 mins. (battery :p) I offered money but he refused and gave me a brochure instead. I returned to get my car detailed. I take my dogs everywhere so needless to say that there is hair all over my car. I was astonished by the outstanding job these guys did. I highly recommend :D

Last month I was in the market for a car. Unsure of what I specifically wanted I began to browse on Craigslist for some ideas. I printed out around 8 advertisements and began my journey. I visited a few dealerships that seemed to adhere to the same repetitive pattern; hidden costs, paperwork fees, limited warranty options, and a generally inconsistent ability to communicate facts or answer questions. The fifth dealership I arrived at was Street Trendz for a Honda Accord. I was approached by a young man who asked if he could help me, and then went on to say he's there to answer my questions and assist me in any way. He appeared early 20's and just stood there saying nothing, I expected the same sales pitch I had already heard all morning, with minor variations. He walked away and returned with a folder and the keys to the car. I inquired as to if the car had any accidents or if it was in need of any servicing. Instead of telling me the history, he simply showed me and explained the papers I was looking at. He told me the car drove well and that I should see for myself, we promptly were on a test drive. I was satisfied with the drivability, however being a music lover I was hoping for more out of the stereo. When I mentioned this, the young man proceeded to tell me that he actually started his business as a stereo shop and I would be able to have any upgrades done for a low cost; that car stereo installation is his hobby. I left the topic alone as I was somewhat surprised to discover this young man was the owner of the business. We returned from the test drive and I was told that I could take as much time as I needed and to join him in the office when ready. I sat down and inquired more; I asked about paperwork fees, he explained that Street Trendz doesn't charge or believe in them. I asked about the cost and coverage of a warranty, he offered me 1 year free with purchase, on a "bumper to bumper" warranty. He showed me the coverage and I can say I was honestly impressed. I was also given the option to upgrade the term to a 2 or 3 year term for $200 or $350 respectively. However I was informed that if I wished to reduce the price, he wouldn't be able to include a 1 year warranty, but I still had the option to buy the warranty at his cost from the third-party warranty provider. I wanted to keep looking at my other vehicles of interest, so I left. He smiled, gave me a business card and offered me the option to call his cell phone if I had any questions even if I should choose to purchase a vehicle from a different dealership and I was unsure about anything. I was shocked at that statement, as these days you don't generally encounter sales people who actually care about a person's needs. I carried on to the next dealership, and felt almost uncomfortable as the salesman began to recite his monotone sales pitch. I left immediately once I was interrupted from viewing the car by being told how this one was the managers special and the price was just reduced. I returned to Street Trendz and we negotiated and landed at a price $500 less from the already low price I found through my research. Regardless of a reduction, he included me the 1 year coverage anyways, I chose to upgrade as well. An insurance agent arrived and sold me an ICBC policy best suited for my needs.

To conclude, I can honestly attest to the outstanding sales practices and principals of this smaller car dealership; their sales tactics are low pressure and straightforward. Information was given clearly and directly in plain understandable English. Instead of wondering about hidden costs, I was provided the opposite, a free comprehensive warranty with the option to upgrade. I did opt out of any stereo upgrades because while waiting for insurance the owner did take 5 minutes to make adjustments to the factory radio levels that I was satisfied with. If in the future I decide to make any upgrades I would return to Street Trendz just based on the generally honest feeling I got during my purchasing experience. To this day I am highly satisfied with my purchase and will recommend this business to any colleagues who are in the market for a used vehicle.

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